Best Packaging for Christmas Cookies!

Christmas Gift Packaging For Cookies

Cookies are an amazing holiday gift but how to wrap or pack them so that they would look festive? Here’s a wonderful idea for you! You’ll need a Pringles can, some wrapping paper, wax paper, parchment or freezer paper, a ribbon, glue or spray adhesive, muffin cups/liners. Cut the wrapping paper so that it wraps around the can and adhere it to the outside of the can using glue or spray. Cut the ribbon and wrap it around the top and bottom of the tube; also glue it to stick in place. Cut the wax paper a similar size and roll it so that it fits inside of the can. Put your cookies into the muffin cups and then into the tube: this way they won’t move inside. Now give this gift package with cookies to make someone happy!


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