This is Holly & her story: Well here ya

This is Holly & her story:


Well here ya go.. haven’t had a new pic for some time….Ok Ya’ll I keep saying I haven’t lost anymore.. but when I posted our Family Christmas Pic.. my friend Ruth IMMEDIATELY messaged and said OMG HOLLY ….So I started digging around in pictures.. I wanted to Prove her wrong LOL… anyway the pic on the left is last Dec. and the pic on the right was last night… SO I guess she is right…pics are so IMPORTANT.. cause my scale has stayed the same FOREVER….You know I feel soooo much better… and I am gonna tell ya something.. last month I STOPPED Skinny Fiber… I was like well I been on it a year and a half.. nothing more is gonna happen.. well after 2 wks of being off… I was hurting all over.. FIBRO hurting… I felt sooo sick and moody my tummy was acting up.. I wasn’t sleeping… I kept saying to hubby omg I don’t feel good… then it hit me.. OMG Holly .. You aren’t taking Skinny Fiber… So I went right in and took some… by the end of the next day I was starting to feel better and within a week I was back to FEELING Great…See Ya’ll I know I am not a super model.. and I am ok with that… I just want to feel good and be healthy… and Skinny Fiber is allowing me to do that… I have ate pretty much whatever I wanted…smaller portions cause it fills me up.. I know I didn’t get this way overnight.. and I know its not going to leave overnight!!.

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